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Brooklyn Probate Lawyer

Sound Advice for Executors in New York Probate

At the Law Offices of Alessandro F. Marra, we advise people with interests in decedents' estates in New York estate administration cases involving the probate and execution of wills. We offer comprehensive client services to executors, beneficiaries and heirs with an emphasis on avoiding delays, unnecessary expenses and litigation risk.


Although we can advise and represent anyone with an interest in a New York estate, much of our probate work involves representing the executor named in a will. The executor acts as a fiduciary with responsibilities to the estate, its beneficiaries, its creditors and the Surrogate's Court, which approves certain filings and resolves such disputes as will contests.


We help executors with such essential tasks as the following:

  • Probate of the will, that is, presenting it to the court for acceptance as the decedent's last will and testament

  • Notice to beneficiaries, statutory heirs and creditors of the estate

  • Assembly and inventory of the estate's assets

  • Preparation of decedent's and estate tax returns

  • Review, settlement or litigation of creditor's claims against the estate

  • Review and payment of estate expenses

  • Preparation of interim and final accountings as required by law or the Surrogate's Court

  • Valuation and liquidation of estate property

  • Distribution of the estate's assets to beneficiaries and heirs in accordance with the terms of the will


As attorney for the executor, Alessandro F. Marra works toward the prompt performance of each responsibility involved in the opening, administration and closing of a decedent's estate. Along the way, he anticipates and resolves conflicts while working to preserve the value of the estate for those entitled to inherit its assets.


As well as handling probate and estate administration for local executors in Kings County, our office can also represent out-of-state executors who find themselves responsible for the administration of a New York estate. Additionally, we represent administrators in intestacy cases when there is no will to probate.


Call 718-649-4989 for the Advice of a Brooklyn Probate Lawyer


To learn how Alessandro F. Marra's decades of experience with New York probate can benefit you and your family, contact our law firm in Brooklyn. We offer free initial consultations and we perform most estate administration work on a flat fee basis.

Brooklyn Probate Lawyer

Based in Brooklyn, New York, the Law Offices of Alessandro F. Marra, Esq., represents individuals and business clients in Kings County, Queens County, New York County, Richmond County and surrounding communities, including Long Island.


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