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Law Offices of Alessandro F. Marra, Esq.
1142 East 92nd Street
Brooklyn NY 11236
Phone: 718-649-4989
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Brooklyn Probate Lawyer

Brooklyn Probate Lawyer

When Probate Responsibilities Cross State Lines


Licensed in New York, New Jersey and Florida, Alessandro F. Marra, Esq. can meet the estate administration needs of executors or administrators who live in other states but who must perform probate functions in New York; or who live in New York but need to deal with assets located in Florida or New Jersey. He can also assist with the ancillary probate of New York assets connected to decedent's estates and probate proceedings in any other state.


Out-of-State or Ancillary Probate


To learn how our law firm's experience with out-of-state client services and ancillary probate can benefit you in your fiduciary role, contact the Law Offices of Alessandro F. Marra for a free consultation.


If you live in another state, but need to act as the executor or administrator of a New York estate, we can keep you fully advised and engaged with the estate administration process, usually without any need for you to return to New York. If you are the executor or personal representative responsible for probate in another state, but New York real estate or bank accounts need to be administered, our familiarity with ancillary probate, conveyancing and banking practices can help speed along the release of assets to the beneficiaries in your state.


New York probate attorney Alessandro F. Marra has focused on probate and estate administration issues since he opened his Brooklyn law office in 1986. Efficiency, practical solutions and clear communication have been the client service values he has emphasized for approximately 30 years.


Learn more about the ways our law firm can meet your needs as an out-of-state fiduciary or a personal representative interested in the ancillary probate of New York assets. Contact the Law Offices of Alessandro F. Marra for a free consultation with a seasoned probate lawyer.



Based in Brooklyn, New York, the Law Offices of Alessandro F. Marra, Esq., represents individuals and business clients in Kings County, Queens County, New York County, Richmond County and surrounding communities, including Long Island.


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