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Law Offices of Alessandro F. Marra, Esq.
1142 East 92nd Street
Brooklyn NY 11236
Phone: 718-649-4989
Fax: 718-649-4990

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Brooklyn Business Lawyer


Experienced Counsel in Business Purchases and Sales


At the Law Offices of Alessandro F. Marra, located in Brooklyn, New York, we advise clients on either side of a business sales transaction. Whether you're getting into or out of a business through a purchase agreement or asset sale, we can help you get the full value of your bargain while avoiding risk and liability.


Since 1986, Alessandro F. Marra has worked with businesses in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island on the terms of business purchase and sale agreements. He works with owners of restaurants, car dealerships, real estate, insurance, property management, retail stores, contracting businesses and professional practice groups.


Due Diligence on Behalf of the Buyer


If you're buying a business, one of the main roles of your legal adviser is to assist you in

diligently investigating the value of the business. We carefully examine to see whether there are any hidden liabilities or risks might affect the value of the business in your hands. We look at such matters as unsatisfied judgments, litigation risk on employment or contract issues and tax returns.



Advice for the Seller on Financing and Disclosure Issues


If you're selling a business, your attorney will focus on financing terms and disclosures. You need to make sure that your buyer is in a position to meet the full purchase commitment if the transaction will go forward on any terms other than cash in full. We can look at financing alternatives ranging from a secured bank loan to self-financing terms, and make sure that you're adequately covered in case the buyer goes into default for any reason.


Additionally, we will advise you on your duty to disclose all conditions and circumstances of your business. Disclosure will help you avoid serious problems in the future, especially if you later need to pursue your purchaser for defaults on the purchase price. If you didn't disclose important information that a reasonable buyer would take into account in either the purchase itself or the price, you could face a formidable counterclaim on your breach of contract action against the buyer.



Advising You of the Tax Consequences


With extensive experience in tax law, Alessandro F. Marra can also offer valuable advice about


important tax planning considerations related to either the purchase or the sale of a business.




Call 718-649-4989 for the Advice of a Seasoned Business Lawyer


For more information about the best ways to address the details involved in the acquisition or sale of a business in Brooklyn, contact the Law Offices of Alessandro F. Marra.



Brooklyn Purchase of Businesses Lawyer


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Based in Brooklyn, New York, the Law Offices of Alessandro F. Marra, Esq., represents individuals and business clients in Kings County, Queens County, New York County, Richmond County and surrounding communities, including Long Island.

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